IDT Privacy Statement

At Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc., protecting the privacy and confidentiality of customer-supplied information is a top priority. IDT maintains a strict policy against providing customer contact information (including e-mail addresses) to third-parties. When using IDT's website you browse anonymously until you log into the system to place or track an order. When you do register with IDT, you have the confidence that IDT will not use that information for any reason other than to provide you with the oligo you ordered, timely and efficient customer service, an accurate invoice, and to provide feedback to IDT about how our site is used.

Moreover, because IDT was founded by researchers, we are particularly sensitive to the concerns regarding confidential sequence and compound information. To address this, IDT operates with one overriding principle in mind: "Treat every sequence and every oligo design as the customer's most valued trade secret." Customers can submit orders with the confidence that IDT will not disclose any sequence information to anyone other than the customer or to the customer's institution.


IDT is a research facility in addition to a manufacturing site and protecting the security and integrity of customer and internal data is of the utmost importance. We've taken many steps to ensure that our core systems are safeguarded.


All of IDT's data systems have physical access limited by both electronic and keyed entry, in some cases with triple redundancy. Online power generators back up our utilities and air cooling and fire suppression systems provide full back-up capabilities.

IDT secures its network using the latest firewall technology, monitoring in real time all of the traffic entering and exiting the building. Suspect traffic and packet types are logged and traced automatically, pre-emptively warning us of suspicious network activity. Customer access to sequence information is secured using 128bit Secure Socket Layer encryption to our web services. The collection of web based systems is monitored 24 hours a day, and a number of software developers and engineers are on call to respond to any outage.


Internal access to sequence and customer information is limited by a two-level user validation procedure designed using the C2 security model and several authentication systems in our manufacturing facility. C2 is a rating granted by the National Computer Security Center (NCSC) for products that have been evaluated against the Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC). All access to sequence and customer data is logged, and any changes to data are carefully controlled. All access to local database servers (both physical and electronic) is closely monitored by our networking and central data management groups.